Book of Love

The Quran tells us that Love and Mercy are of the Divine Essence. It informs us further that there is a way—a path of spiritual maturation— that allows the heart to awaken to the fullness of Divine Love. It relates the tales of those who followed the path of Love and attained its illuminations; and of those who mistook love of the relative for love of the Absolute, descending the dead end path of transient desires into darkness and distance from the True Beloved. Its verses clarify the method to purify the soul of self-interested love to experience a Love that is selfless, eternal, and transcendent.

Curriculum Overview:

    1. Welcome Video: Book of LOVE

    2. Syllabus Book of Love

    1. 1 | Theme: God & Love

    2. 1 | Diving Deeper Part A: Ghazali’s 6 Jewels of the Quran

    3. 1 | Book of Love Quranic Passages Reader

    4. 1 | Diving Deeper Part B: Ghazali’s 6 Jewels of the Quran

    5. 1 | The Book of Love - Reflection Exercise

    6. 1 | Executive Summary reading

    7. 1 | Course Reader Love in th Holy Quran by Ghazi

    1. 2 | Love, The Human Being & The World This week

    2. 2 | Diving Deeper: The Origin Story

    3. 2 | The Book of Love -Reflection Exercise

    4. 2 | Course Reader Love in the Holy Quran by Ghazi

    5. 2 | Note on the Supplementary Readings

    1. 3 | Part A Themes and Diving Deeper

    2. 3 | Part B: Traits (6 & 7) Allah Loves

    3. 3 | The Book of Love -Self-Reflection Exercise

    4. 3 | Seven-Akhlaq-Revised

    1. 4 | The Book of Love - Self-Reflection Exercise

    2. 4 | Love’s Culmination: Gazing upon the Beloved

    3. 4 | The Messenger of Love

About this course

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Course Summary:

The Book of Love is an exploration of the beauty and wisdom of the Quran with a special focus on the Quranic treatment of Love. Taking the great sages of love as our guides (al-Ghazali, Rumi, and others), we will explore what it means to love God, what it means to be God’s beloveds, and the means to attain that love through walking the way of love, outwardly and inwardly. Special attention will be given to the traits and character of the beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, and those saintly ones who follow his way to Love.