Wisdom Crystalized

Although there are a number of excellent English-language works on Sufi metaphysics, the level of training typically needed in order to understand them is a bit beyond a basic acquaintance with the topic. And this is perhaps because the difficulties in presenting Sufi metaphysics are inherent to the method in which it is typically presented, namely straight-forward prose writing. Those who have been exposed to traditional Islamic teaching-texts know just how effective non-prose methods of instruction can be. Following this time-honored practice, Wisdom Crystalized will attempt to present Sufi metaphysics in the form of an English-language poem in 23 verses with commentary.

Curriculum Overview:

    1. Wisdom Crystalized Syllabus

    2. The End of Islamic Philosophy-Dr. Mohammed Rustom

    3. Dr. Rustom's Commentary on End of Islamic Philosophy:

    1. 1 | For the Lovers of Wisdom

    1. 2 | From Necessity to Contingency

    1. 3 | The Arcs of Descent and Ascent

    1. 4 | Escaping Confusion

    1. 5 | The Science of Poverty

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Instructor: Dr. Mohammed Rustom

Course Summary:

As one author has said so rightly, Sufi metaphysics is a perfect blend of “the ecstasy of spiritual union” and “the rigor of logic.” Presenting Sufi metaphysics in versified form can therefore give seekers a creative window into a rather complicated topic, while also serving as a teaching guide for those who wish to employ its tenets in their own existential quests and projects of self-discovery. This course is divided into 7 sections for you to explore at your own pace.