Rumi Center for and the Arts

is an organization inspired by the life and legacy of the great mystic poet Mawlana Jalaludeen Rumi. Perhaps no one has combined the qualities of spiritual master and literary genius to a greater extent than Rumi. At a certain point in his life, Rumi came to the realization that art was the most effective means to awaken people to the deepest potential within. Thereafter he retired from academic teaching and devoted his life to poetry, dance, music, and meditation, as well as cultivating a community of fellow spiritual creatives committed to awakening and refining the heart. 

We at Rumi Center believe that art is a profound tool—not only of self-expression—but of self-discovery. We are not so much interested in art for art's sake as we are interested in the power of art to transform and illuminate human consciousness. We are dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the spiritual path and the creative disciplines through courses, events, retreats, media and artistic production.
Rumi Center offers both cohort based live classes as well as a range of on-demand courses for artists, seekers and lifetime learners. 

Here you can find our self study courses, which can be done any time, any where, and at your own pace. This platform holds our archive of past courses. 

To find current ‘live’ offerings please visit  

 (The courses offered here were designed to be live, with a guide and community. Some of the material refers to that design)