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The Ocean in a Drop | Course on Jalaludeen Rumi


Date change -- January 5 2020

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“You think yourself just a drop within the Ocean, but you are also the Ocean in a drop."

The Ocean in a Drop is a 30 day immersion into the poetry and teachings of the world's greatest mystical poet. No one has united the qualities of spiritual master and literary genius to a greater extent than Jalaludeen Rumi. After his spiritual awakening at the hands of Shams, an unceasing outpouring of ecstatic poetry and spiritual wisdom flowed through Rumi to open the hearts of all who would listen. Rumi wrote not just to entertain or inspire but to draw his readers and listeners to a higher state of consciousness and self-realization. We will engage in reading and reflection on the major themes, metaphors and symbols he uses to enlighten us to the nature of the world and the human soul. In addition to a close reading of his poetry, we will explore his life, his relationship with Shams, the Sema (whirling ceremony), and the Sufi order he established.

Each day we will meditate upon one of Rumi’s poems and to write our own poetic reflection. Each week we will focus on a major theme of Rumi’s work—clarifying symbols, explaining references, and esoteric meanings. We will also consider popular mistranslations and misconceptions of Rumi’s words and compare them to the original meanings. All of this will be with an eye Rumi’s goal of awakening us to our true nature.

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