Rumi Center for Spirituality and the Arts


Testimonials from Participants

“Quite simply it freed my soul and expanded my heart beyond any boundaries; I fell in love over and over. Moreover I found family within the group, one I felt I’d been searching for the longest time.”

“This beautiful course was enlightening, freeing and healing. Unbound in me were layers of my heart longing to write and tell of its yearning for the Love of our Beloved Creator.”

“I came into this course hoping to improve my technical writing skills and be introduced to classical Islamic poetry. Not only did this happen but by the end of the course I also felt we were guided to develop a poetic eye that began to positively influence my daily devotions Alhamdulillah.”

“Miraculous. So many openings in my life came from participating, and the openings were in some of the most challenging areas of my life. The community that arose was the finest I've ever experienced, and both the daily discipline of writing and the enriching course materials contributed to growth on my path as a poet.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot from the communal aspect of it. Knowing that there are others who are going along the same journey, writing, reading, watching, sharing at the same time, was immensely beneficial.”

“The class was a beautiful way to connect with fellow creatives seeking deeper connections with the Beloved. The course content was engaging and challenging and the instructor was a supportive and knowledgeable guide.”

“Excellent teaching. The teacher gave great feedback, was available and taught the course with so much love and respect… really honored to be a part of this course.”

“I liked that Baraka was measured and thoughtful. His words of encouragement really helped everyone who read them. This felt like a University level class in terms of standard.”

“Baraka's love for poetry and the class' subject matter was contagious!”

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